Get to Know Me A Bit Better

Hi, my name is Jess Martinez and I'm going to tell you a little bit about me.


Why photography, why weddings?


I've always been attracted to photography. I had my first film camera when I was a kid, I don't remember exactly the year but I was about 10. I had no idea what I was doing, but I still remember how I loved having that camera in my hands. Turning the dials, looking through the lens and having the right focus made me feel alive. That was a beautiful experience.


I grew up and I took a different path, but I always kept photography as a hobby. It was in England (I was learning English and working there), in 2008 when I realized something was missing, that beauty, that feeling. I bought then my first professional camera and got into a one-year photography course at the University of Leeds. Since that moment I enjoy that experience again everyday like when I was a kid.

In 2010, after testing my skills in different photography fields, I decided to make the big move and become a full time photographer, a wedding photographer. I found in weddings something unique, capturing all those special and candid moments is much more than a job, it's a huge experience that allows me to contemplate the most beautiful sides of life, and I love it. It doesn't mean that it is easy, it's hard and both physically and mentally tiring but, at the end of the day, when I get home and look at the pictures I tell myself that it worth it and that I'm lucky to photograph such a beautiful thing. When a newly-wed couple rediscover their wedding through my photos, and I get them to cry and laugh... then I'm sure I did the right choice, there is no better reward than that.


Besides photography.


I'm from Cordoba, a city of Andalusia, Spain; and now I live in France with my beautiful and lovely wife, Yoanna. Besides photography, I love films, from "Singing in the rain" to "Star Wars", and from Hitchcock to Tarantino. I love cooking (and eating). And yeah, I love Rock'n'Roll!!! I like also to get lost in nature, I love the smell of the wet ground of the forest after the rain and the sound of the wind through the trees. And I travel a lot, but not enough.


So, now that you know me, I invite you to tell me about anything you'd like to share: Contact

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